Jan Jansen, Sabine Luning & Erik de Maaker (eds.)
Traditions on the Move
Essays in Honour of Jarich Oosten


16,5 x 24 cm
186 pag.
€ 18,50
ISBN 978 90 3610 157 8

Jarich Oosten has been a major propagator of the influential Leiden school of anthropology. More than just being inspired by structuralism, this approach stresses the importance of extensive fieldwork, and of the comparison of research findings within a culturally relevant regional realm. Jarich stressed the importance to go beyond preconceived ideas. Essential to his approach was to proceed from the data that emerged in the course of the research. This ensured that the focus was not diverted, as so easily occurs, towards the existing body of academic literature, and remained with what anthropologists call ‘the field.’

Traditions, and the way these are interpreted, play a crucial role in people’s experience of who they are, what social groups they belong to, how they are connected to the place they live in, and what claims they can advance to their social and physical environment. Consequently, ideas about tradition, bodies of knowledge, not only serve to interpret the past, but have great significance for the relationships that people maintain in the present as well. The contributions to this volume explore various ways in which traditions are created and transmitted.
‘Traditions on the Move’ allows Jarich Oosten’s former PhD students to celebrate his influence on their work.

Table of contents

Jos D.M. Platenkamp - From high up North to Paradise and, by way of the South, back onto the Ice
Anja Nicole Stuckenberger - Inuit play, leadership, and understandings of climate change
Cunera Buijs - Powerful stuff, transformations and magic in Artic artifacts
Lea M. Zuyderhoudt - Landscapes of experience and validation - Oral traditions and the transmission of Blackfoot knowledge today
Anuschka van 't Hooft - Indigenous oral traditions from the Huasteca, Mexico: documentation, preservation and revitalization in a multicultural perspective
Barbara Helen Miller - Establishing the Coastal Sami healer
Kristen Langeveld - 'The ''ignorance'' of the opposite sex', Knowledge and gender in Casamance society, Senegal
Marloes Janson - Mixing local and muslim traditions: The finoo profession in the Gambia
Dinie Bouwman - Traditions of Islamic education on the move: How the transmission of knowledge effects its valorization in the case of Mali
Sabine Luning - Gold in Burkina Faso: A wealth of poison and promise
Jan Jansen - The Bijini experience: A journey to the end of the editors' universe as we know it
Erik de Maaker - Narratives of Garo witchcraft
Frédéric Laugrand - Learning from the Inuit field: Participants' views, perspectives and categories