Marc Resch: Only in Holland, Only the Dutch

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“(..) For the thus-naïve among the newcomers, or those who are well aware of how different life will be here, or simply the curious, this book is a great, complete and yet informal guide on life among the Dutch. Taking you on a trip through his life in the Netherlands, Marc Resch makes us grateful for his powers of observation and capacity to remember all that assaults your consciousness and sub-consciousness alike.” – XPat Review (2005)

“Marc Resch touches on almost every aspect of what it means to be Dutch and provides explanations from his unique perspective as both Dutch insider and American.”- Dutch International Society (2005)

“The American academic Marc Resch describes Dutch peculiarities in a conscientious and humoristic manner. He touches upon many cultural aspects of the country, such as the mentality, the history, values, and typical commercial products. The book not only discusses the well-known cheese and euthanasia, but also Zwarte Piet and Ajax. Resch describes in critical but admiring words all these fascinating subjects and goes against the stereotype of the Dutch as boring or bizarre people.” – Nederlandse Taalunie (2005)

This book delves into the psyche, culture, history, values and distinctiveness of Holland and its people. It sheds light on the mysteriousness that pervades throughout the country as well as explains the working and social behaviors of the Dutch. Only in Holland, Only the Dutch takes an intelligent, and often times humorous, look into the many idiosyncrasies of Holland and those who call it home; as well as exploring the incredible impact that the industrious Dutch had on virtually all corners of the globe.

Only in Holland, Only the Dutch examines many of the Dutch progressive, yet controversial, social polices and offers captivating comparisons with other cultures throughout the world. The book, while useful to visitors, is not just another travel guide. Only in Holland, Only the Dutch takes a behind the scenes look at Holland and its people and offers an insider’s perspective on the many intricacies and fascinating facets of the Dutch culture.

Marc Resch is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He received a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of North Carolina and received a Masters in Science (MS) from Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction to this Intriguing Place called Holland
2. Brief History of the Netherlands
3. Dutch Worldly Impact
4. The Land of the Gentle Giants
5. Dutch Individualism: First and Foremost Egalitarianism
6. Societal Order and Conformity
7. Dutch Consensus Building and Compromise
8. Dutch Tolerance
9. Ethnic Holland
10. Conclusion

Chapter Notes

ISBN: 978 90 5170 800 4

Price: €17,90

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