Knud S. Larsen, Kees van der Veer, Reidar Ommundsen, Krum Krumov – Organizational Behavior in a Discontinuous World

339 pag.
€ 32,50
ISBN 978 90 3610 229 2

Managerial and Workers Perspectives 

Organizational behavior as a field of study grew out of the history of industrialization and the need to know how to manage workers. Four international researchers with a background in social psychology and organizational behavior and teaching at major universities have provided a new look from the perspectives of both managers and workers. Research must be reevaluated in the context of a world where change is rapid, global in nature and discontinuous. The authors sought to achieve this goal by systematically examining past and current research in ten chapters covering the major salient variables in organizational behavior.Major conceptual areas discussed in addition to work related attitudes include motivational theories; worker well-being focusing on social and occupational change and stress; organizational group processes and team work; leadership in organizations; organizational power in politics, gender differences and culture; organizational processes and structures; social culture and organizational culture and change; and organizational behavior from a cross-cultural perspective. Globalization produced significant stress as workers have not only had to adjust to new and varied cultural values, but also abiding job insecurity. Cultural differences are manifested in important group processes and structures. The role of gender differences in the use of power is evaluated as these have changed in recent years. Recent research has shown the many benefits to both organizations and workers from self-management,worker autonomy and democratic leadership. The affect of culture has brought about a notable interest in the field of cross-cultural organizational behavior. Economic uncertainty, rapid change, and major restructuring characterize modern society. This book examines the most salient research results reflecting these developments keeping in mind that the context of all research is ubiquitous change.

Price: €32,50

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