Kees van der Veer, Ake Hartmann & Harry van den Berg (Eds.) – Multidimensional Social Science

168 pag.
€ 21,50
ISBN 978 90 361 0140 0

An inclusive approach to social position and inequality – with Johan Galtung, Juan Diez-Nicolas and Hakan Wiberg

The founding fathers of the social sciences were convinced of the notion that the empirical study of social change requires an encompassing theoretical framework that takes into account the complexities of and the interrelations between different forms of social inequality. But due to the ongoing specialization within the social sciences the notion that it is worthwhile to develop an encompassing theoretical framework as a prerequisite for doing empirical research is not accepted anymore as self-evident. Even the word ‘holism’ is often disregarded as outdated.

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Marc Resch: Only in Holland, Only the Dutch

340 pages
€ 17,90
ISBN 978 90 5170 800 4
NUR 740

“(..) For the thus-naïve among the newcomers, or those who are well aware of how different life will be here, or simply the curious, this book is a great, complete and yet informal guide on life among the Dutch. Taking you on a trip through his life in the Netherlands, Marc Resch makes us grateful for his powers of observation and capacity to remember all that assaults your consciousness and sub-consciousness alike.” – XPat Review (2005)

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Lammert de Jong: Being Dutch, More or Less

15 x 22 cm
224 pag.
€ 19,90
ISBN 978 90 3610 210 0
Read the first chapter online: Dutch Wonderland – in: Rozenberg Quarterly

The Dutch have been living in Wonderland for quite a while, boosted by a glamorous 17th Century history, the grand Dutch Golden Century, when Holland ruled the waves. Undeniably the Dutch carry a rich history, though with ups and downs. Noblesse oblige! The Dutch have felt that their country could be a guide to the world; if they could, the Dutch would save the world, for sure. Since the end of World War II the Dutch gradually evolved into occupants of an excellent spot on the globe.

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Michael Meeuwis ~ Handwoordenboek Lingála – Nederlands ~ Nederlands – Lingála

ISBN 978 90 5170 606 2
154 pagina’s
Euro 24,50

Het Lingála wordt gesproken door ongeveer 25 miljoen sprekers in de westelijke en noordelijke delen van de Democratische Republiek Congo, in omringende landen alsook in de Congolese diaspora in de Westerse wereld. Dit handwoordenboek dekt het Lingála zoals het in Kinshasa gesproken wordt, dat de meest invloedrijke variëteit is.

De hoofdstad van de DR Congo heeft immers een grote politieke, taalkundige en culturele impact op de andere gebieden, waardoor het deze variëteit is waarmee men in het hele taalgebied terechtkan. Het handwoordenboek wil vooral van praktisch nut zijn, eerder dan dat het bestemd is voor de wetenschappelijke analyse van een van de twee talen. Het richt zich tot wie een van de twee talen wil leren verstaan en spreken om ze in de praktijk te kunnen hanteren. In de eerste plaats gaat het om Nederlandstaligen die Lingála willen leren, maar dankzij de tweezijdigheid van dit handwoordenboek is het ook onmisbaar voor sprekers van het Lingála die hun kennis van het Nederlands op peil willen brengen.

Michael Meeuwis is hoogleraar aan de Universiteit Gent, waar hij sinds 2002 onder meer Lingála doceert.

Price: €24,50

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Didas Muganga Kayihura ~ Corporate Governance And The Liability Of Corporate Directors: The Case Of Rwanda

280 pag.
16,5 x 24 cm
ISBN 978 90 3610 481 4
Euro 34,50

This study tries to investigate from the Rwandan perspective, whether there are any circumstances that would lead to personal or joint liability of a director when performing his/her duties as a company director. It also investigates when and when not Rwandan Corporate directors would benefit from the insulation of the corporate veil. The study also tries to look at what the legal (express and implied) duties of company directors are and what the legal consequences would be in case of breach or ultra vires these duties.

The findings of this study indicate however that, the knowledge and awareness of directors’ duties and obligations have always been presumed based on what exists in law, but that it does not necessarily and actually tally with what is known and practiced.
For company directors, the findings of this study offers a basis upon which they can best evaluate their role in the running of their respective company’s business and social life. It as well puts together all the express and implied duties and the possible liabilities thereof under Rwandan law, in case of breach or ultra vires these duties. The provisions from different scattered Rwandan laws relevant to directors’ duties as well as inspirations from other developed systems have informed this study’s findings, aiming at ensuring for a better performance of Rwandan Corporate sector.

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