ESA Astronaut André Kuipers Receives First Copy

Martine van Veelen (red.) – De waarde van wetenschap. Ondernemende hoogleraren over de valorisatie van duurzame technologie en kennis.
Rozenberg ism Climate-KIC. ISBN 978 90 361 0387 9 – 112 pag. Euro 14,50Climate-KIC was well represented at the TEDxBinnenhof 2014 event that took place in the heart of the seat of the Dutch government yesterday (31 March) in The Hague.
Climate-KIC Education lead Martine van Veelen’s book  De Waarde van Wetenschap  (The Value of Science) was launched, start-ups Pectcof and e-Plant presented their clean-tech innovations, while interested organisations, individuals and Climate-KIC partners exchanged ideas in the Impact Lounge.Astronaut receives first copy
At TEDxBinnenhof, the first copy of The Value of Science was presented to Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers.

The book was written by Climate-KIC Education lead Martine van Veelen and includes interviews with eight innovative top scientists from the Netherlands, who have realised ground-breaking innovations with regard to sustainable technology and science.
Among them Cornelis Blok, Cees Buisman and Ad van Wijk of Climate-KIC partners Utrecht University, Wageningen University & Research Centre and TU Delft. Scientists, who, according to Van Veelen, serve as important role models for bridging the gap between science and business, and providing solutions for global issues such as climate change.

In his words of thanks, Kuipers stressed that “climate concerns each one of us. That is something I can see clearly from space, how our planet is affected by climate change.”
Science, according to Kuipers, plays an important role in solving global challenges: “Unfortunately, the subsequent step is often missing. The scientists in Martine van Veelen’s book, however, have one foot in science but also in entrepreneurship. They serve as great examples for scientists. It is important to have brilliant ideas, but the next step is to put them at society’s use!’