Dr. François-Xavier Kalinda & Mr. Titien Habu – Intellectual Property Law

The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 1
Institute Of Legal Practice And Development, Nyanza
16,5 x 24 cm
66 pages
ISBN 978 90 361 00325 1
Euro 16,50

In July 2011 the Institute for Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) was commissioned to produce a set of manuals, written by specialized Rwandan scholars about the new commercial laws for the purpose of legal education and legal practice. This book on intellectual property constitutes the first series of this set. It offers a core knowledge about basic intellectual property concepts, and provides a better understanding of the Rwandan Law N° 31/2009 of 26/10/2009 on the protection of intellectual property. Different areas of intellectual property protected by this law are explored in order to help readers understand the economic issues embedded in this evolving area of business law.

These are:
– patents and utility models;
– industrial designs and layout-designs of integrated circuits;
– trademarks and geographical indications;
– trade secrets and protection against unfair competition ;
– copyright and related rights.

Adopting an academic approach, this book is suitable for law students, law practitioners, producers and users of intangible products of the human creativity, innovation and effort.

Dr. François-Xavier Kalinda is a lecturer in Intellectual Property at the National University of Rwanda, Faculty of Law.
Mr Titien Habumugisha is a Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Law at Kigali Independent University.

Price: €16,50

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Dr. Fidèle Masengo, Didas Muganga Kayihura & Elvis M. Binda ~ Rwanda Company Law 2009

The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 3
130 pag.
Euro 19,50
ISBN 978 90 361 0444 9

This piece of work authored by Fidèle Masengo, Didas Muganga Kayihura and Elvis M. Mbembe through the support from the Institute of Law Practice and Development (ILPD) intends to digest and make the Company Law 2009 as well as its subsequent 2010 amendment more comprehensible and understandable to their end users especially from academia, Legal practitioners and the judiciary. This work becomes more relevant and inevitable especially that, having been highly influenced by the common law, the Company Law 2009 turns us to a different mindset altogether from its civilist predecessor (the 1988 Law on Commercial Enterprises) that governed companies and other business associations.
It brings to book some new concepts and terms to the Rwandan Legal system that, where not elaborated, explained and contextualized, would lead to confusion of Law students and/or practitioners reading and applying this law, but from its predecessor’s (1988 law) background.

Rwandan legal system that used to be purely civil with a remarkable influence from the Belgian and French legal systems has, since the 2004 judicial reforms, embraced a somewhat mixed legal system that incorporates both civil and common law best practices. Rwandan new Commercial laws including the company law thus, have today not only responded to this trend but have as well considered the globalization and its impact in the global trade and practice. This piece of work interprets company law provisions from the Rwandan law perspective but with consideration to what takes place elsewhere in the world.

Price: €19,50

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Piet de Kleijn – Alexander – Leerboek uitbreiding Nederlandse woordenschat anderstaligen

16,5 x 24 cm
457 pag.
€ 30,00
ISBN 978 90 5170 406 8
NUR 620

Voor de beheersing van een vreemde taal is kennis van woorden, van veel woorden onmisbaar.
In deze herziene, geactualiseerde en uitgebreide uitgave van Alexander worden ruim 1800 woorden aangeboden, verdeeld over 23 thema’s.
Voorbeelden van thema’s zijn: het lichaam, kleding, wonen, handel en industrie, sport, de nieuwe media.
Bij de 1800 woorden veel en gevarieerd oefenmateriaal. En veel teksten waarin de te oefenen woorden zijn opgenomen.
Voor individueel en klassikaal gebruik.
Met een afzonderlijk antwoordenboekje.

Alexander gaat ervan uit dat de gebruiker van dit boek de elementaire Nederlandse woordenschat beheerst.

Price: €30,00

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Piet de Kleijn – Sleutel bij Alexander

Sleutel bij Alexander, Leerboek  ter uitbreiding Nederlandse woordenschat anderstaligen – Docentenboek

45 pagina’s

ISBN 978 90 5170 415 0

Euro 4,00

Price: €4,00

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Marc Resch: Only in Holland, Only the Dutch

340 pages
€ 17,90
ISBN 978 90 5170 800 4
NUR 740

“(..) For the thus-naïve among the newcomers, or those who are well aware of how different life will be here, or simply the curious, this book is a great, complete and yet informal guide on life among the Dutch. Taking you on a trip through his life in the Netherlands, Marc Resch makes us grateful for his powers of observation and capacity to remember all that assaults your consciousness and sub-consciousness alike.” – XPat Review (2005)

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Price: €17,90

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