Dr. François-Xavier Kalinda ~ Labour Law and Labour Relations in Rwanda

The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 6
103 pages
Euro 18,90
ISBN 978 90 361 0445 6

Labour law has become a complex branch of the law constituted of a body of rules which governs the relationship between employers and employees. The main characteristic of the employer-employee relationship is the position of subordination in which the employee is placed. The position of subordination exists when an employee works under the command, authority and control of an employer.
The objective of labour law is, therefore, to establish an appropriate balance in interests, rights and obligations between the employer and the employee.
This book explains how the relationship between employers and employees operate both at individual and collective level. It provides the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for labour relations in Rwanda, and the case law illustrating the law in action.
The book comprises of two parts. The first part deals with individual employment relations concerning the rights and duties of the parties, working conditions and settlement of individual disputes. The second part examines collective employment relations which include subjects such as trade unions and employers’ associations, collective bargaining and industrial conflicts.
Adopting an academic approach, this book is suitable for law students, law practitioners and others who need a working knowledge of the law.

Dr. François-Xavier Kalinda is a senior lecturer at the University of Rwanda, School of Law. He teaches Labour law and Social Security, Intellectual Property
Law and Advanced Research Methodology.

Price: €18,90

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Faustin Ntezilyayo & M.A Kizito Safari ~ Commercial Dispute Resolution

The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 5
96 pag.
Euro 17,90
ISBN 978 90 361 0446 3

It is well known that economic development involves a substantial increase on the number and complexity of business transactions along with increasing specialization and division of labour into production and service delivery, as well as increased international trade and investment. It is also recognized that the legal framework governing business transactions is central to the development of the private sector.
In order to promote investment confidence, an enabling legal environment through an effective and efficient system of commercial dispute resolution is a necessity. In Rwanda, commercial disputes can be resolved through commercial courts or using arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.
This book is devoted to these two modes of settling commercial disputes.

Price: €17,90

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Odette Uwineza, Judith Uwizeye & René Munyamahora ~ Rwanda Law of Security Interests

The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 4
78 pag.
Euro 14,90
ISBN 978 90 361 0443 2

This book on personal and real security offers a detailed and often critical overview of Rwandan law on security interests. We have been fortunate enough to be involved from the sidelines in the making of this volume by our dear Rwandan colleagues from the Institute of Legal Practice and Development. What a pleasure for heart and mind it happened to be: a wealth of knowledge, not only the technical details on the law as it stands, but on the law as it could have, or should have been, on the law how it used to be and came to be developed.
This is invaluable in a world, where too often culture and language keeps jurisdictions behind national bars. Rwandan law on security interests has been opened up by our friends from Rwanda, to legal practitioners, academics, and all those with a keen interest in the dynamics of a legal order in a transforming society.

Dr. mr. Michael Milo, Associate Professor at the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He has taught (honours) courses on property law, tort law, contract law, comparative law, procedural law and legal history, to law school students, Dutch and foreign, attorneys and judges, in Utrecht.
Dr. Sonja Kruisinga, Associate Professor at the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law, Utrecht University. She is specialized in company law and contract law. She has a special interest in European and international aspects of company law and contract law.

Price: €14,90

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Bernadette Uwicyeza (Ed.) – New Law Governing Contracts in Rwanda

The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 2
Institute Of Legal Practice And Development, Nyanza
16,5 x 24 cm
72 pages
ISBN 978 90 361 0362 6
Euro 16,50

Contract law is an important subject for the business managers entering into contracts with suppliers of goods and services, employees and customers. Contract Law is also basic to other fields of law covered by the Business Law Reform Project like business associations, secured transactions and Negotiable instruments.
Due to the increasing demands of modern commercial transactions, contracts which were never catered for by the general framework of the Civil Code Book III, had to be concluded. Consequently new laws had to be enacted so as to safeguard the rights and obligations of the parties, such as transport and transport agents, pledge of business assets, insurance and leasing. This illustrates the gaps in the general framework of Contractual Obligations.
The main sources of the new law governing contracts are the American Restatement of The Law, Second, Contracts, a Restatement of the Common law of the States of the United States of America but various adjustments, modifications, and adaptations have been made to make it appropriate to the Rwandan context.
The new law governing contract is comprised of 165 articles in six chapters with substantial provisions and two chapter on General provisions, final and transitional provisions.

The original version is in English but the Law was voted in Kinyarwanda and the English original version reviewed accordingly. Sometimes legal terms accepted in Common Law were lost in translation, which makes the provisions of the law in the English version sometimes incomprehensible.

This book offers the context to the provisions of the enacted law to enable users to understand the spirit and the provisions of the law. Where necessary, the right terminology of the original version in English is used to enable local professionals used to the Civil law terminology to get the right translation in English and to enable outside users used to the Common Law terminology to understand the English version of the law.

Price: €16,50

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Dr. François-Xavier Kalinda & Mr. Titien Habu – Intellectual Property Law

The Rwandan Commercial Law Books Series 1
Institute Of Legal Practice And Development, Nyanza
16,5 x 24 cm
66 pages
ISBN 978 90 361 00325 1
Euro 16,50

In July 2011 the Institute for Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) was commissioned to produce a set of manuals, written by specialized Rwandan scholars about the new commercial laws for the purpose of legal education and legal practice. This book on intellectual property constitutes the first series of this set. It offers a core knowledge about basic intellectual property concepts, and provides a better understanding of the Rwandan Law N° 31/2009 of 26/10/2009 on the protection of intellectual property. Different areas of intellectual property protected by this law are explored in order to help readers understand the economic issues embedded in this evolving area of business law.

These are:
– patents and utility models;
– industrial designs and layout-designs of integrated circuits;
– trademarks and geographical indications;
– trade secrets and protection against unfair competition ;
– copyright and related rights.

Adopting an academic approach, this book is suitable for law students, law practitioners, producers and users of intangible products of the human creativity, innovation and effort.

Dr. François-Xavier Kalinda is a lecturer in Intellectual Property at the National University of Rwanda, Faculty of Law.
Mr Titien Habumugisha is a Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Law at Kigali Independent University.

Price: €16,50

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